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All About Clothing – daveatk2001

All About Clothing – daveatk2001

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Help People Recycle Clothing

In this age of consumerism, buying new clothes is about as common as doing a weekly grocery shop. With the nation's wardrobes brimming with unused items, there is a real opportunity for us to help those in need all over the world.

Natural disasters are never far from the headlines - whether it is flooding in Pakistan, the tsunami that hit Japan or a major earthquake in New Zealand, these events are more common than many of us would care to believe.

In many cases, the people involved in these disasters lose everything, so why not do something to help? Clothing recycling is a great way to put those abandoned garments in your wardrobe to good use - and it could be easier than you think.

Clothing is something that many of us take for granted, but the fact is that a discarded jumper or pair of trousers could make a real difference to those in disaster-stricken areas. Events such as earthquakes and tsunamis have the ability to strip populations of everything they own - one minute they could be a high flier in a white collar job, while the next they have nothing at all.

It is important to think about the conditions in the country you are sending clothing to. Warm jumpers and winter coats may not be as useful to disaster victims in remote parts of Africa as they are to people from other parts of the world. Give some thought as to who will benefit most from your donations to ensure they have the maximum effect.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the clothes you give should be clean and of decent quality. You can make the job of recycling companies easier by making sure that everything you donate can be worn again - if garments are torn, soiled or generally not fit for purpose then they will only be discarded further down the line.

If you are donating shoes or socks, pairing them up and ensuring they are fastened together will also be useful to the companies that pass them on to those in need.

So the next time you ponder putting that jacket you no longer wear in the bin, or consider ditching last season's shoes, think that there could be someone in another part of the world who can benefit from your cast-offs. Your clothing could give somebody a new start in life when they suddenly find themselves with nothing through no fault of their own.

Written by David Atkinson

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

All about boys clothing

All About Boys Clothes

For teens, growing kids and infant boys, buying clothing can be quite expensive. Shopping online or during discount seasons can offset the cost, but growing boys seem to use clothes one day and grow out of their clothes the next.
Horse playing, hyperactivity and even just weight gain can ruin perfectly good clothes. If you take a child psychology course, you would know that both the mind and body of your soon develops rapid during the his teenage and toddler years. Still, buying clothes shouldn't be a chore; buying clothes for your boys should be fun.

Lifestyle Determines the Style

Boys tend to live active or peaceful lifestyles. Some boys like to run, jump, climb and explore. Other boys enjoy a more peaceful lifestyle of reading, watching T.V. or playing games. New clothes today could mean old, ripped, grass-stained shirts and jeans tomorrow. If your son lives a more active lifestyle, dress him in less expensive clothes or darker colors to draw attention away from the stains and rips he might accumulate over the next few months. Why waste money on £50 jeans that will rip in the span of a month? Find a cheaper alternative and save here at .


Girls can wear bows. Girls can sport purses. Girls can wear jewelry. The girl accessories seem endless, but just because you were blessed with a boy doesn't mean you can't find some stylish add-ons. For toddlers especially, the amount of items you can don on your son can range from ties to hats. Mix-and-match these accessories to coordinate with his outfit. For instance, a nice polo looks wonderful with a hat, while the dress shirt would look cool with a tie.
Get creative with the accessories you can find for boys. Watches, necklaces and even armbands for active boys add some creativity and style to your son's wardrobe. Don't be afraid to sport new accessories either. Experiment and see what works-and what doesn't.

Don't Blend in Too Much

Boys, as with girls, can follow a trend too close and became just another mindless follower. Branch out. Define his style, and use the trend to mix-and-match clothes from different trends to avoid producing carbon copy of other kids. Aim to be unique in the clothes you select for your son, while still loosely following a trend.

Mix-and Match

Sometimes, an original style of jeans and hip shirts can grow dull. Add new items to your son's repertoire. If you see him sporting jeans and a t-shirt 7-days a week out of the month, get some new clothing for him to strut around. Add in a nice polo one day and the next throw on a pair of khakis with a dress shirt. Change the style to capture people's attention, and watch as people start to praise your son for his hip, original style.

Buying Baby Clothes

Here's what you want to avoid: buying too much clothes to where you son does not use it all, or not enough clothes to where he wears the same outfits all the time. You want to purchase just enough clothes for him to wear. Spending too much money on baby items can also be a huge money trap, as toddlers will quickly grow out of their old outfits. What may fit today, he'll no longer use tomorrow. Be aware of how much you buy, as well as the price you purchase items at. If you want to save even more money, you could study design and use your degree to make your son's clothes out of old fabric.
The next time you find yourself in the boy's section with a confused look, think about certain issues that will affect your son's wardrobe and your wallet. Remember, never overspend.
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Sunday, 29 April 2012

All About Makeup

All About Makeup

Beauty regimes and tips are essential for any woman to feel her best, and knowing what works well for you is the key to looking fresh and healthy on a regular basis. Keeping up to date with makeup trends is a fun and exciting way to jazz your look up a bit and the perfect way to add to any outfit. If you're really into makeup and want to learn the specifics, taking a makeup course or even earning a makeup design degree is your key to learning the tricks of the trade. When looking for new items or restocking your kit, All About Clothing is your one-stop shop for finding and purchasing the hottest and best makeup items. Offering cosmetics from all the major retailers and brands, we've got everything you need to make sure you are looking your best. Here’s what All About Clothing provides in its Makeup section:

Eye shadows – Whether you're going for a smoky eye, some simple and natural tones or like to don bright colors on your lids, we have all the eye shadow options you could possibly dream of. From compacts with single shades to ones with several complimenting ones, you can mix and match to your preference. Pastels and natural colors are big this spring, but make sure to invest in a quality eyeliner as it is a staple in any woman’s makeup kit.

Foundation – Foundation should be one of the most important items in your makeup kit. Finding the right foundation for giving you flawless skin is key, so visit a cosmetologist or a local makeup counter to help you find the best tones for your skin color. We offer foundations for all skin types and shades to meet all of your preferences and needs.

Lipsticks – Whether you love to wear bright lipstick or keep it more subtle with natural colors or simple glosses, we have plenty of choices for your lips. Trends are leaning towards punchy colors and slick glosses, as lippies are hot this season.

Mascara – Long and short lashes both benefit from mascara, as the define you're eyes and elongate your lashes. We have plenty of colors and brush types to choose from, and you'll find great reviews of different brands on Makeup Blogs.

Powders/Blushers – If you like to wear a skin powder over a foundation, our range includes plenty of nifty compacts and good quality powder puffs. We also offer a multitude of blushers for any skin type and color for rosy cheeks that will brighten up your visage.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Top Fashion Brands

Enjoy shopping from some of the top fashion brands
Author: Aalia Bindal
There are many people who enjoy shopping from the comfort of their home. In this digital era, many people are going online for shopping to take pleasure of shopping from the comfort of their home. Online shopping offers great pleasure with numerous benefits. The major benefit of going online for shopping online is the convenience. For shopping online you don't need to get dressed and put on makeup which is one of the important benefits of online shopping. For online shopping you don't even have to step out of your home as it allows you to shop from the comfort of your home. At online stores, you don't have to take hassle standing in long queue for the payment like one used to do in traditional stores. As online stores are open 24 hours a day so you can take as much time as you want choosing products.

You can shop online at Shopatmajorbrands. This site offers wide range of products that includes apparel, footwear, handbags, sunglasses, cosmetics, accessories, watches and many more from some of the top fashion brands like Aldo, Inglot, Mango, Nine West, Qup, Queue Up, Polar, Quicksilver, Provogue, Replay, Ferrari, Park Avenue, Opium and many more. This online store is very popular and offers great collection. The availability of wide range of options to choose from makes it a perfect online store to shop from.

Aldo and Inglot are some of the top fashion brands. Aldo is indulged in the production of accessories like Handbags, bracelets, earrings, footwear and many. Consequently Inglot is indulged in the production of cosmetic products like eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, lip liners, lip gloss, lipsticks and many other cosmetic products.

Nowadays, Online Shopping is very much in trend therefore many people are opting this kind of shopping. Online shopping let you to shop whatever you want without even leaving your home. The numerous benefits of online shopping are attracting many people to shop online. Online shopping allows you to compare prices of different products so that you can get the best deal on the product that you are looking for. Most of the online stores offer great discounts and deals on products in order to entice more customers. Online shopping will not only help you to save money while shopping, but also it will help you to save fuel money and time. So go online and shop products from some of the top fashion brands like Aldo, Queue Up, Nine West and Inglot.

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Sunday, 15 April 2012

All About Babies Clothing

Babies need a lot of everything in the first few months of their lives. Diapers, bottles and formula are just some of the items that your baby will need. But, perhaps one of the most important is clothing. Baby clothes not only look adorable, but are also a necessity. Unfortunately, with all the choices out there, finding the right clothing for your baby can be overwhelming. What can you do to learn all about clothing for babies? You can wait and see what you receive as gifts at your shower, ask around to see what others can recommend and peruse websites and to see what the latest trends are.
The information in this article can help you to learn just what clothing items your baby will need:Babies Need Onesies One of the most important items that your baby will need is a onesie. They work well under clothing on a chilly day, are great by themselves on a warm day and even make comfortable sleepwear.Speaking of Sleepwear …It isn’t unusual for a baby to spend a lot of time in pajamas, especially the footed variety. Heavier fabrics are perfect for winter months, while lighter fabrics are great in the spring and summer. The zip-up variety is a great choice since they are easiest to get on and off.Separates and Socks While outfits that come together are handy, separates are great for mixing and matching and stretching your budget. Don’t forget about socks to keep your baby’s feet warm even without shoes.A Sweater (or Two) It’s always wise to pick up at least one or two sweaters in neutral colors to help keep your baby warm on a chilly day.Coat or Snowsuit Every baby needs a lightweight jacket and a heavy jacket with a hood to help combat cold weather. A snowsuit will also help keep your baby warm in even the coldest of weather.Shopping on a Budget You don’t need to have a degree in early childhood education to know that babies grow very quickly and that you can easily spend a lot of money trying to keep up worth the growth spurts. But, knowing where to find a bargain will definitely come in handy. You can find the cheapest online prices by scouring websites to find end-of-season sales, checking out online consignments and second-hand clothing stores, or even joining online groups in which members swap gently used clothing and other baby items. All here at